Preliminary Task – Evaluation

After finishing the editing process, me and the rest of the class watched my finished piece. I have some good points and some points to improve on.

  • The walking shot at the start created a nice effect. I used a wide shot of the actress walking and an extreme close up of her shoes. This shows and sets the scene and setting for the audience. It also flowed together nicely which was good. However, I used the extreme close up twice which meant that it overdid this effect and it was unnecessary.
  • Another idea I need to work on is the sound. I need to match the sound up a little bit better as, it was a bit off.

Things I will do in the future:

  • I will carefully match the sound up and make sure that the sound does match the video.
  • I will film more of the same shots to ensure I have a bigger choice to choose from.

Overall, I do think the video I created was a good starting point. We had 50 minutes to film footage and if we had longer, we would obviously have a lot more choice and maybe, created a much more effective video. However, I will create a lot more videos in the future applying the points of improvement I was given.


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