Don’t Breathe Review

I am aware that my blog is mainly focussed on music but, whenever I go and see a new film at the cinema, I think it is best if I do a review on here.

Recently, I went to go see ‘Don’t Breathe’ at the cinema. From the plot, I assumed that the film would fit into the thriller genre. I soon realised that this wasn’t the case and the trailers leading up to the film were all horror films….horror films now a days are very cliché but, with the positive 78% review on rotten tomatoes, I was hopeful.


The film is about three younger burglars who target a blind, war veteran in an attempt to own the $300,000 he has kept away in his house. Thinking that the blind man is defenceless and an easy target, the burglars roam around the house freely. This however soon goes horribly wrong as the old man begins to kill each of them one by one.

I thought this was a very clever idea for a film as, I believe it is an idea which hasn’t been done before. The sequence in which the burglars first enter the house is done brilliantly; the camera glides around the room and the sounds the burglars make are emphasised. I also like how the film makes you sympathise towards the blind man and then, your mood simply changes towards him as the film progresses. I especially enjoy films which change your ideas and thoughts about a certain subject or character and this film did just that.


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