Dior and I Review


The fashion industry is an industry which not only intrigues me but, an industry I would love to a part of. The industry it self is very controversial with arguments that the models are unhealthy and that the clothes are overpriced and extortionate. However, the art of designing and creating a piece of clothing is a talent in my opinion. The haute-couture collections especially, are luxury clothing items. Dior is probably my favourite fashion houses; all the clothing is beautiful and so unique. Raf Simons is one of the most iconic and amazing creative designers the fashion industry has to offer, this film showed his journey of creating the new haute-couture pieces.

Dior and I will obviously appeal to fashion fans but, this documentary will definitely appeal to a wider audience too. Personally, I never have really seen how the creative process of putting together a whole collection works but, this film showed me everything. There are obviously some stressful times in the process and the fashion industry never really shows that but, this film shows all the rough patches of the creative director role. Even in parts of the film where Simons is stressed, the audience feels the same emotion too because, they have been watching the documentary and in a way “rooting” for Raf.

The ending where the pieces are finally shown is amazing. The documentary really makes you feel like you are there, watching the show. Another part of the documentary I did like was how it showed all the roles of the collection, not just Raf’s role and his perspective. It showed however, all of the team and at some points you also see things from their perspective. The people who carefully piece the dresses and outfits together; spending months and months creating the idea that was in Simons’ head, a reality.

The director (Frédéric Tcheng) should also document Raf Simons’ new collection for Calvin Klein as he has now become the creative director of that wonderful brand. It will be interesting to see what his ideas and clothing is like.



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