Preliminary Task – Take 2

We did another preliminary task but, this time it was (hopefully) an improvement of the first preliminary task. This time, however, I had to apply the 180′ rule, match on action and shot reverse shot.


This time, we only had about half a lesson to plan out idea…therefore, we only had a brief amount of time. We came up with a quick idea of a first date and we then decided to find actors. We also found a room to shoot in which was, the irrational room.


The filming process was fairly simple. We had a very small space to work in but, we made it work. We had about 6 people who showed up to act which was very helpful. Everyone in the group helped direct the shot and we all had different roles: Kieran filmed, Millie helped with the clapper board and me and Sean directed the sound. We did the main shots first (the conversation and entering the room). When we had finished with those shots, we repeated them but on the other side (obviously using the 180′ rule). Finally, we added in some extra shots of the actors footsteps walking to the room and holding the door handle (the door handle shot demonstrated match on action).


The editing process was probably the most difficult part in the whole process. After exporting everything, I made things easier by completing the film first which gave me a good base to put my sound onto. Like any editing process, matching the sound to the footage was probably the most difficult part. I also needed to make sure that I cut the shots properly, one after the other. This made the film flow like an actual film.


Here is the finished product.


I feel that the second take of the preliminary task went a lot better than the first. With applying the rules (180′ rule, match on action and shot reverse shot) made the finished product look a lot better. This time, the editing process was easier to do which was mainly because, I had a larger selection of footage which I could choose from. The actual  story itself isn’t the best but, that obviously wasn’t the main focus of the task. In future projects, the plot will be a lot more detailed and precise.


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