The Best Film Soundtracks

Throughout the history of filmmaking and cinema, there have been some memorable soundtracks which have become cult classics. Whether it is a composed score or an array of artists, here are my favourite film soundtracks.


I find that film scores make me feel like I’m actually in the film and this one is very good in doing that. Not only is it a wonderful film but, the score which goes along with it fits so well. Hans Zimmer is amazing at creating such wonderful pieces of music.



This is one of my favourite Ryan Gosling films EVER; everything about the aesthetic and colours used in the film is so captivating. I really like this soundtrack because of the feel it has to it: 80’s synth with a mix of modern electronic music creates a wonderful feel to the film. Coincidentally, this soundtrack is great to listen to whilst driving.


The Great Gatsby

I think this is the only film soundtrack ever where I love all of the songs. I really enjoyed the film and the soundtrack just made it even better. Even though the film is set in the twenties, the hip hop music genre is very apparent in this film. Artists like Lana Del Rey and BeyoncĂ© also contribute to the wonderful soundtrack from ‘The Great Gatsby’.




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