Why Animated Films Are Some of the Best Films

Animated films could arguably be described as “kid’s films”. In my opinion, I don’t think is true in any sense. Animated films are made with passion and imagination, fair enough, the stories can be a bit stupid or plain boring but, the actual detail and thought put into the film is extraordinary. Animated films can be done in many different styles too: they can be a series of hundreds and hundreds of drawings which they then put together, it can be stop motion animation or maybe ever CGI. This can sometimes take hours, months and maybe even years. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ took a staggering 3 years to make whilst regular films may take about 3 or 4 months to film. In terms of the production for ‘The Corpse Bride’, it took them a whole year – they only got two minutes of stop motion footage done a week. Hayao Miyazaki  made some of the best anime films before his retirement from Studio Ghibli in 2013. His films are some of the best animated films I have ever watched. Pixar is also another great developer of animated films, which are mainly targeted at kids but, adults enjoy them just as much. I grew up watching Pixar films so, they are definitely a big part in my childhood. I just think animated films are some of the most well thought out, creative and imaginative films to be produced. With the new technology coming out and being produced, think about how many advanced animated films we will be seeing with the developments in film technology.


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