‘The Girl on the Train’ Review

One of the most anticipated films released this year. Here is my review of ‘The Girl on the Train’.

During a recent trip to the cinema, an advert came up for ‘The Girl on the Train’, starring Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux. The trailer intrigued me and definitely made me want to watch the film when it came out and I have just come back from watching the newly released film.

I know this film was based on a worldwide best selling book by Paula Hawkins and, I know this may annoy some people but I haven’t read the book (yet). I will read the book soon though, I promise. The genre of the film is definitely mystery, drama and thriller film – it definitely captured all those elements inScreen Shot 2016-10-24 at 20.31.40.pngto it. After watching the trailer for the film, I looked at the reviews for the film and was very surprised when they scored very low; especially since it was a very highly anticipated movie based on a bestselling book. However, I stayed hopeful as it was just a matter of opinion.

The film is about Rachel Watson: a woman who commutes to New York everyday. She catches glimpses of a “perfect” couple, Scott and Megan from her seat in her specific train carriage. However, Rachel sees something which will spiral into a never-ending spiral of mystery. Megan has gone missing. Unable to recall exactly what happened that day, on the porch of the couple’s house, police may think Rachel plays a very dangerous role in the missing of Megan.

The film was shot in a very unique way which detached itself from the usual camerawork techniques. There were many close up shots of Emily Blunt’s character, Rachel’s face. This made all the focus on her and made the audience look right into her face; giving us a sort of “connection” with the character. There were many flashback scenes which, sometimes were unnecessary. Sometimes in the film, they were not really needed and they didn’t affect the story in anyway. However, the flashback was very important to the story and in a way, I guess it reminded the audience of what happened in the tunnel again.

The film started off slow but, the mystery began with many and I mean, MANY plot twists. The film’s plot was definitely one of the best ones I have seen in terms of thrillers and mysteries. I don’t think I could watch this film again though. Mainly because, I already know the plot twists and the excitement wouldn’t be there anymore. Many people are comparing this film to ‘Gone Girl’. ‘Gone Girl’ is probably my favourite mystery/thriller film EVER so, I don’t think ‘The Girl on the Train’ has taken that role. It has however, like ‘Gone Girl’, an amazing plot which has been structured greatly.

The acting was amazing and Emily Blunt played Rachel amazingly. She definitely deserves an Oscar nomination for the role of Rachel. There is part of me which thinks she will definitely get it. Even though the start was a bit slow, the pieces of the film all came together after that. The plot was formed tremendously and I would highly recommend this film – especially if you are a fan of thriller and mystery films.

Here is the trailer for ‘The Girl on the Train’.


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