Films I want to See

There are quite a few films I want to see right now, ranging from many genres. Here is a few I want to see and the reasons why:

1. The Handmaiden

I was shown the trailer of this in my media class by my teacher. It is a foreign film which I usually enjoy as it gives me an insight into the different cultures of the countries. This film is South Korean and I haven’t seen any from this country before. It is described as “an erotic psychological thriller” which may sound a bit daunting. However, it has got many many good reviews with 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. The trailer grabbed my attention and I would love to see what this film is like.


2. Reservoir Dogs

After doing the opening for it, I am intrigued to see what this film is really about. I have never really seen any Tarantino films too and this is apparently one of his best.

3. Pulp Fiction

Another Tarantino film which is also very iconic for the poster with Uma Thurman on it. Since it is such an iconic film, I really want to watch it. Another one of Tarantino’s best.


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