Rewatching the Films I loved as a Kid: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

I decided to watch films I watched as a kid since, they have been put on Netflix. I thought this would be an original blog post idea so, there will be a lot more like this to come in the future (well whenever I watch a film I loved as a kid)…

I discovered that Netflix had put on ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ onto their recently added films list; my 9 year old self suddenly appeared again and, I watched it. I remember getting this film in my Christmas stocking one year and I was so excited to watch it. I knew it was based on the books by Louise Rennison who sadly died earlier this year but, I had never read the before hand so, I was completely new to the whole story.

The film is a coming of age drama about Georgia Nicholson and her best friends, the ‘Ace Gang’. Its the start of the school year and Georgia begins to have feelings for he new boy who has started called Robbie. The film embarks on Georgia’s journey to successfully going out with the new student.

Since I was so young when watching this and the film is about teenagers and secondary school; I thought this is what being a teenager was like and, I was so excited to become one. However, when watching this the other day at the age of seventeen, I soon realised that being a teenager in school consists of a big work load and exams. Even though it wasn’t an entirely accurate film, it was still a feel good film which I surprisingly enjoyed – especially since I hadn’t watched it in almost a decade. It made me realise how fast time goes since I remember watching it for the first time until this day. I was also surprised that I knew some of the lines as well as the iconic song played at the end of the film which the majority of British, teenage girls know to this day.

All in all, I did enjoy the film. Not as much as I did when I was nine but, it was very nostalgic for me.


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