Stranger Things

There has been so much hype around ‘Stranger Things’ and I thought it was time for me to finally watch it. If I’m honest, I was a bit skeptical about watching this; mainly because, I watched ‘Orange is the New Black’ (another one of Netflix’s own programmes) and I began to get very bored with it. The series were very long and the programmes itself were quite long too so, I was looking for a show with a small amount of episodes in a series. I was so happy to find out that ST only has eight episodes in a series and the episodes were just under an hour long – if I watched one every day, I’d be done in a week so, I was very keen to watch this series everyone and their mothers have recommended to me.

I usually find it really difficult to get into TV programmes but, instantly I was hooked. The programme is set in the 80’s and if I could live in any decade it would probably be the 80’s so, I love watching the “80’s culture” I guess you could say. The acting is amazing. Usually you would get a bit skeptical about most of the main characters being kids however, they are incredibly talented. Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven is also amazing – for someone who is so young and doesn’t have an American accent, she pulls it off so well and she sounds so real. I was also a bit nervous about watching this because, loads of people have told me its scary and full of jump scares. However, I find it more creepy and eery than jumpy – if you are put off by this by what people have told you, I find the programme perfectly fine in terms of scariness and I’m usually quite bad with stuff like this.

Overall, ‘Stranger Things’ is a must see programme on Netflix. If you don’t want something which is too long to watch and has an interesting and gripping plot, this programme is perfect.


Oh, the theme tune is really catchy too.


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