The Wolf of Wall Street

I have never really been familiar with Leonardo Dicaprio’s films and him as an actor. Even though I’m a media student, I actually hadn’t watched ‘Titanic’ until fairly recently and he is a tremendous actor. Because of this, I have decided to watch a collection of Dicaprio’s films and review them. I did some research and Dicaprio seems to do films which have a very deep and intense storyline; I couldn’t see any comedies or rom coms on his filmography which tells me that he thinks very carefully about the films that he does. From looking at a number of trailers for some of the films he has done, the characters are all completely different: from playing mentally impaired Arnie Grape to the disgusting and racist character of Calvin J. Candie in ‘Djano Unchained’, Leonardo Dicaprio has played an array of characters. Like I said, I watched a fees trailers for his films and one which I was intrigued about the most was ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ – a 2013 biographical crime comedy film directed by the critically acclaimed Martin Scorsese. The film is about Jordan Belfort – a man who cheated people out of millions of dollars. Wall Street has never had a good reputation; full of drugs, fraud and materialism. Not knowing what to expect, I sat down and watched the film.

Even though Dicaprio doesn’t tend to do comedies, this film made me laugh a lot and you can see that it has been made to make the audience laugh due to the stupidity and recklessness of these characters. The fact that this stuff actually happened blows your mind and it hasn’t been presented in an unrealistic way at all which I found very interesting. A part of this film which I really admired (and can come off as being really cheesy if its done badly) is the direct narrative from Jordan. There are parts of the film where Dicaprio’s character will directly address the audience by speaking into the camera and it makes you feel very voyeuristic since you are seeing things which you definitely shouldn’t be seeing with how graphic they are. When this film was released, it was incredibly controversial for the amount of sex, hard drug use and profanity. In fact, the “f-word” was said more than 500 times which made the fiction film with the most uses of that word in it. I can understand why people got a bit sensitive about the subjects and events which were depicted however, why make a film about Wall Street and sugar coat everything? Martin Scorsese obviously wanted to make a biographical film so, he wanted to make it completely realistic.

Margot Robbie plays Jordan’s wife Naomi and Robbie has mainly gotten the most attention from her role as Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’ however, I think her performance in this film in amazing. I feel like she is underrated in this film and so many more people need to watch her performance in this. Jonah Hill is known for many of characters in successful comedy films however, like Robbie, he is underrated in this film and his work in this film needs to be seen by many more people. I watched a couple of interviews and you can tell that he is very passionate about this project and in fact, he actually had to wear fake teeth in this film to make it as realistic as possible. By the sounds of it, he wanted to perfect this character so he would practice hours on end with the fake teeth. Leonardo Dicaprio is also interesting in this film and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this performance.

I really really liked this film and in terms of biographical films go, it’s my favourite one I’ve seen yet. In terms of Leonardo Dicaprio films, it is definitely up there.

The trailer

Interesting videos to do with the film


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