What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

One of the first films Leonardo Dicaprio did was: ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. A 1993 drama film starring a very young Dicaprio and a young Johnny Depp. This film landed Dicaprio his first Academy Award nomination and propelled him even more into his (soon to be at the time) amazing and successful career. In this wonderful storyline, Dicaprio plays a mentally impaired teenager who, if I was an actor, I would be terrified of playing. This character obviously would have had to have been executed very well in order for it to look realistic and not insulting if what was done badly. From what I understand, even at such a young age Dicaprio did a lot of research to play this role; he actually went and spent time with kids who has disabilities to make sure he played the character as accurately as possible. After hearing about the research he did, I had a feeling he was going to be really good in this film.

This is a drama film however, it did have some very heart lighted and uplifting moments in it. My favourite character was Arnie, due to the fact that he was such a sweet boy and he honestly was a representation of “be grateful of everything that you have” because, he was so pleased with how his life was going even though it wasn’t the best life anyone could have. Johnny Depp was also very good in this film. In Depp’s most recent films, the characters are very outgoing and not unrealistic but, not a character you would usually meet in the streets. It was nice to see him play a character who was dealing with a difficult life and he played it in such a raw way.

Like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, I really enjoyed Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance in this and even at such a young age, he played this character so realistically. I would recommend this film to anybody (especially if you are looking for a light hearted but also, raw film).

The trailer

Some interesting videos about the film


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