The Remake of the ‘Lucky You’ Poker Scene

Since our ‘Reservoir Dogs’ opening tasks wasn’t the best it could be, we had another task to do. This time we had to recreate the poker scene from ‘Lucky You’ – a 2007 drama film directed by Curtis Hanson.


Instead of being in one big group for the task, we were separated into two groups. For the planning, we didn’t really do much. I watched the clip and wrote down what types of shots we needed to focus on and how long the shots shown for. Kieran, another member in the group, wrote down the pivotal card order for the scene to make it look as much like the scene as possible. Finally, Grace drew storyboards for the scene.

Unlike the previous task, we didn’t need to focus on costume or makeup. We needed to focus on the camerawork which made the filming process a lot easier.


For filming, instead of filming the whole thing in order, each shot separately, we decided to film the whole thing about 6 times, all in the types of shots we needed to do. Since we didn’t have long to film this, filming it in this manner was the quickest option. The script was quite hard to memorise and to our advantage, we were in a location (a classroom) which had a whiteboard in it. To make it easier for the actor who played the main protagonist, writing the script on the board made it a lot easier. To help the other actor with their lines, we wrote them down on a piece of paper which she then placed on her lap.  There were some complications with the filming. For example, the camera battery ran out around four or five times so it restricted the filming time even more. However, we did get it filmed in the end.


Here is the finished recreation. In the footage, it plays the actual scene and then it plays the recreated version I edited.


In terms of a finished product, I thought it turned out okay. The timings were okay (they could have been better) and the shots were very accurate to the actual scene. Since we didn’t have a very long time to film it, for a scene which was filmed in about 30 minutes, it didn’t turn out too badly. In terms of improvements, I would most definitely make the shots match up with each other so there are no continuity errors. All in all, I am quite happy with how the recreation turned out.


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