Colour Palette Inspiration

This blog post will not only talk about the importance of a colour palette; it will also talk about how we will incorporate colours into our shots. A way directors and film makers create a mood and theme is through mise-en-scene but more specifically, a colour palette of a scene or the whole film in general.

A film which has taken our interest for the production and creation for our own film opening is the David Fincher film: ‘Gone Girl’ starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. The film is described a thriller and the overall atmosphere of the movie is very tense and quite dark too. The film’s plot contains themes of murder, mystery, death and dysfunctional relationships. Evidently, the colour palettes of the scenes are not going to be full of life and containing colours such as yellows or pinks.


As seen above is a colour palette for the first scene shown in the entire film. A film opening opens the audience up to what they can expect from the film as well as the atmosphere and the genre. Editing has obviously been done to make the scene more dark toned as well as blue toned. The colour blue has connotations to sadness and using a very dark, almost black blue mixes in that tense and mysterious theme.

The idea for our film has lots of dark themes in and using a dark colour palette in the first few seconds will open the audience to what they would/will expect for the entire film.


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