Analysis : Fight Club

After watching ‘Gone Girl’, I decided to watch some more of David Fincher’s critically acclaimed films. On this occasion, I watched ‘Fight Club’ – a 1999 drama film starring Brad Pitt. In all films, filming techniques are a common way to show emotion and a certain ethos in the scene or, the film as a whole. In correlation with our task, I thought that watching other films by David Fincher would give me inspiration and ideas which I would like to carry forward into our film opening. This is what I noticed in the film:


  • Fincher uses many extreme close ups on inanimate objects and characters to show their importance.
  • Linking to the previous point, there are also focus pulls between the characters and the inanimate objects. This not only shows the importance of both the character and the object; it also shows how they are linked together in a particular way.
  • In terms of mise-en-scene, ‘Fight Club’ has a very dark and dull colour range. This is something I would like to portray in my film opening as it creates an eerie and dramatic atmosphere which can be uncomfortable for the viewers/audience.



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