Audience Expectations of the Thriller Genre

Linking onto my video about the conventions of the thriller genre, there are also audience expectations of what a thriller film should be as well as what the target audience arguably is. Of course, anyone can enjoy whatever film they want but, a common demographic for the thriller genre are young adults; mainly 18-25 year olds. This is mainly because, young adults/people this age are attracted to the graphic action and tense storylines the thriller genre contains.

That being said, there are many different sub-genres of the thriller genre which attract audiences of different ages. A romantic thriller for example, can target a female audience whereas an action thriller can attract a more male dominated audience from the ages of 15-30. A lot of films are targeted at certain ages and genders because of how much the audience connects and relates to the character (more specifically, the main character).

The target audiences of the thriller (sub)genre obviously expect excitement and to be on the edge of their seats during their time watching the film. A trailer which includes fast paced editing and the most exhilarating scenes from the film will obviously attract more of the target audience to go watch the film. A strong storyline which engages the audience into the characters’ lives is also an audience expectation. A thriller film does not give much detail about the characters at the start so, a lot of the film is about character progression. This links to the feeling of wanting to watch more of a thriller film because, as these storylines begin to unravel, the plot becomes exciting and like I said before, it puts the audience on the edge of their seats.


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