Podcast : Conventions of the Murder Mystery Genre

A genre that has intrigued me and Adam is: the murder mystery genre. Because of this interest, we decided to research the genre further which has opened us up to many new ideas for our film opening. To present the typical conventions of the murder mystery genre and to use as many media forms as possible, a podcast would be the best way to talk about the genre. To do the podcast, we used an audio recorder to record ourselves talking about the subject then to add into the podcast, I created a picture on Pixelmator to add into Final Cut Pro when editing.  Here is the podcast below:

To make it easier to look at the conventions, for reference we have included short bullet points of what we spoke about down below:

  • The plot usually contains an unsolved crime at hand. The protagonist is usually the one attempting to solve the crime, the detective. The whole storyline is typically based around the protagonist trying to solve the crime by piecing together: clues, events, suspects and circumstances.
  • Since there is a detective as a protagonist, there will most certainly be a villain which needs to be caught. Since there is a killer, there needs to be some victims too else, there will be no murder(s) to happen.
  • The setting tends to be where the crime occurred and where the evidence takes the protagonist. A common setting which is always referred back to in many murder mystery films is in fact an office where the detectives meet to piece evidence together.
  • The way the film is edited is also quite unique. In murder mystery films, there are quite a lot of fade to blacks, potentially this could mean that suspense is added to the quite dark matter at hand in terms of the plot and the events taking place.
  • The iconography is usually a very sad, dull day. To present this in the film, dark and rainy days are used in many outdoor scenes and settings.
  • A common use of non-diegetic sound used in these films is a sad, eerie and mysterious score played at many times during the film. This adds tension and an uncomfortable atmosphere to the film.
  • Most common themes presented are: conspiracy, pursuit of something or someone, acts of murder, sadness, suspense and of course, mystery.

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