The Film Opening Pitch

To show the rest of the class and the teachers our idea for the film opening, we had to complete a pitch. A typical film pitch should be about 30 seconds or so, quickly explaining the plot and the overall idea that we have. Here is our pitch:

We have some pros and cons about our pitch.

The first pro being that we explained the film, to the point where it could be pictured in the audience’s heads. In this case, it was good. We also explained the genre of the film as well as where the inspiration for our film came from; this can range from the inspiration of the aesthetics of the film as well as the actual plot and genre.

The disadvantages of our pitch is that it was quite cluttered however, this was mainly just down to nerves. We did have cue cards which prompted us in terms of what we wanted to say. Our pitch does look messy and it does feel quite long to watch however, it was a bit too long due to simply, our nerves.


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