Equipment Testing : Steadicam

Another piece of equipment me and Adam wanted to try out was the steadicam. A steadicam is much like a dolly – it allows a smooth movement, even over irregular surfaces. Unlike the dolly, the steadicam does not have a track to it which means that it is held by a cameraman who moves it. It could be used to move around a room or to simply follow a character.

We tested the steadicam out to see its effectiveness as well as seeing if it needed to be used in the production of the film opening.

Here is our footage:

The steadicam was quite difficult to use but, it did create a nice, smooth movement when using it. However, in terms of it fitting our opening is a different matter. Personally, I feel like the steadicam would look better in an action film opening to make the audience feel like they are immersed in the action themselves. We want to create an eerie atmosphere with more “still” shots. However, we may consider using the dolly.


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