Filming Day

Today we went and filmed our film opening at Old Bolingbroke Castle. We had my Dad starring in the film opening and Adam helping with the equipment. In terms of roles, I took control of the boom pole and the sound and Adam took control of the camera equipment.

The first thing we did was set up the equipment. This didn’t take too long however, due to the weather conditions it did take longer than expected. It did rain every now again and we were worried that this was going to affect the footage. We carried on though.

Another difficult task we had was to have the dolly move perfectly straight. The dolly wheels kept falling off of the track when it went over a certain bump so we spent quite a long time adjusting that. To overcome this, I bough planks of wood in case of something like this happened so they did come in handy.

Looking back on the final footage we were not happy: the sound was incredibly difficult to understand due to the wind and there were a lot of inconsistencies within the film footage. We will try again another day.


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