A Filming Update

After looking back on the footage we filmed, we were not very pleased with it. Because of this, we have decided to re film this weekend.

The person who was acting in the footage we just filmed was my Dad but due work, he cannot re film this weekend. Therefore, we have changed the actor to a friend of ours – a teenage boy. We obviously do not want the character in our current story (a middle aged man) to be played by a young boy; it would just look very unrealistic and unprofessional. To deal with this matter, we have decided to change the storyline and plot to fit the requirements of a teenage boy.

In terms of the genre and the actual mood we want to convey throughout our film, that hasn’t changed. We still want to create an opening to a thriller film; hopefully fulfilling all of the requirements a thriller film has.

Instead of editing footage we are not particularly pleased with, we have decided to re film this weekend. This time though, using a different actor with a storyline which has been altered slightly to fit the actor in our film opening.


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