Filming Day #2

We just refilmed our film opening with the new script and the new actor, Blake. We arrived at about 9:45am and set to work filming. It was very sunny and  the filming conditions were really good.

However, since it was so sunny, there were a lot of dog walkers and this meant we had to wait for them to get out of the frame which delayed our filming process. The first shot we did was the through the wall dolly shot. It took us about half an hour to set everything up and we did about twenty takes of this shot which ensured that we got the best possible result.


After we finished the dolly shot, we moved onto the steadicam shots of Blake walking. We wanted to get the most complicated shots done first and then we moved onto the still, tripod shots. After we finished all of this, the establishing shots were filmed.

We then watched the footage back and we weren’t happy with a few shots. We needed to re film the scene where Adam’s character comes into the footage. We went back to the location and filmed this footage and that was our filming done.


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