Colour Grading

One of the important things we had to do in order to get the effect we want, as well as showing skills, was to colour grade/correct our footage. Like I have said many a times, David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ inspired our film opening: from the sequence to the soundtrack, this film gave us lots of ideas for our film opening. However, the aspect of that film we were inspired by the most was the colour scheme. We set to work on creating a suitable colour palette and scheme for our film. This is how we did it:

  1. We began exploring the filters Final Cut Pro had to offer and we found one which we thought was perfect: ‘Cool Tones’. At first, we only applied this to one piece of footage; to see what it looks like. Then, we applied it to the whole opening to see how it looked all together. We were really happy with how it turned how but, we still needed to do some more altering.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 15.04.39.png

2. Like I said, the colour still needed some more altering. At the moment, the footage wasn’t even throughout: when the character moves through the setting and he goes into the sunlight more, the colours will look different to how they did in the previous scene. To make it even, we fiddled with the colour corrector but, specifically focussing on the exposure (this basically helps with the brightness and darkness you are trying to create). After we finished this, our colour correcting was complete and we are really happy with the results.Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 15.05.20.png






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