Key Terminology

  • Horizontal integration: companies in the same level of the industry integrate together (for example: two production companies working together)
  • Vertical integration: when a media company profits and owns all areas of production, distribution and consumption
  • Theatrical exhibition: the term for cinema and theatre
  • Non-theatrical exhibition: watching a film from a source other than cinema and theatre- watching it online or on mobile, for example
  • Guerrilla film-making: a form of independent filmmaking with a low budget, skeleton crews and using whatever props are available
  • Technological convergence: existing technologies merge together to create a more up to date technology
  • Synergy: when two or more companies come together and achieve an objective that could not be achieved independently
  • Symbiosis: an interaction of two companies or organisations working together with advantages for both
  • Technological disruption: a new technology replaces an old technology as the new technology improves and makes the process easier
  • Media ownership: delivering multi-media (for example: video can be distributed online, on a mobile etc etc)
  • Media conglomerates: the massive companies that control the film studios
  • Concentration of ownership:
  • Targeted advertising: an advert for a film which is purposely targeted at an audience for example: showing an advert for a Disney film on a kid’s tv channel
  • Un-targeted advertising: this is an advert which isn’t directed at anyone in particular, for example: a poster at a bus stop
  • Cross-media ownership/convergence: a company that owns large numbers of companies in various mass media forms
  • “The Big Six”: the six big studios/companies – Time Warner, Disney, News Corp, GE, Viacom and CBS
  • Distribution: act of getting the firm to an audience
  • Exhibition: showing the film to an audience (usually in a cinema)
  • “The Lionsgate Twenty”: the twenty million dollars Lionsgate spends in advertising the film

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