My Favourite Vogue Covers of All Time

Since Vogue US’ September issue came out with Kendall Jenner on the cover, a question of “who should be on the Vogue covers?” has arisen. The september issue, over 700 pages long, is an iconic issue of Vogue so asking the question of wkendall-jenner-2016-september-cover-vogue-no-cl-1.jpgho should be representing the industry is definitely a valid one. Many people argue that Kendall Jenner wasn’t the r
ight choice as her career was “given to her” by her family. Some people however, say that she is the “new face of the modelling world”. Instead of having my views, I want to share with you my favourite Vogue covers of all time.

1. ‘The Supermodels’, January 1990, British Voguevogue-cover-xlarge.jpg

This is definitely one of my favourite Vogue covers as it features some of most iconic models in the industry (minus Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen). The cover features: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz and Christy Turlington. These are arguably some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Another thing I like about the cover is the colour scheme as the grayscale and the pink are aesthetically pleasing.

2. Kate Moss, March 1993, British Voguekate-moss-debut-vogue-cover-1993.jpg

Kate Moss is one of the most famous faces in the fashion industry and this is one of her most iconic moments as well as her first. This issue of Vogue was her first cover out of the many she has done for British Vogue and it just shows how far she has come in the modelling industry as well as the industry all together: creating her own perfume, collaborating with Rimmel cosmetics and much more. I also like the feel this cover gives as it is quite natural. It features a bare faced Kate Moss, stood amongst natural and minimal colours.

3. June 1937, US Vogue

Wonderful Vogue Covers of the1930s (4).jpg

This is obviously one of the earlier and one of the “vintage” Vogue covers. This cover pretty much shows the epitome of the style back then. I love the outfit in itself and the cover is very minimalistic but, the pop of pink makes the cover pleasing to the eye.

4. Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber, April 2016, Vogue Paris600_kaia_gerber_cindy_crawford_vogue_031416.jpg

This cover also caused controversy as Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter) is a new and upcoming model who has been labelled as someone who didn’t work hard for her job. However, I find this cover actually quite sweet; showing both generations of the family as well as the industry. The fact the Kaia has definitely taken Cindy’s genes, kind of shows that its a younger version of Cindy with the current day Cindy. The cover is also very refreshing. The set up and theme of the cover isn’t over the top and the both women are very fresh faced. Even though it caused some controversy, it is one of my favourite Vogue covers.

There are obviously a lot more covers I could choose from and because of that, it is a very difficult choice. To make up for that, I just selected a couple of my favourites. Vogue is definitely the biggest fashion magazine of all time and seeing who gets put on the cover next definitely creates some excitement.