Rough Cut Feedback #2

We showed our film for a second time to the rest of the class and the teachers. Taking into consideration and completing the tasks we were assigned to do, we decided to get more feedback on our new and improved version.

The feedback we received on this new version of our film was:

  • In the final shot of the film, the soundtrack appears to be very quiet. After re-watching the opening, I completely agree. To resolve this, I will make the music louder and also make sure it is consistent throughout.
  • Another piece of feedback we got was to sort out the in and out fading of the establishing shots at the start of the opening. Our teacher suggested that we should have the fades on for longer; this is something we will work on in the next lesson.
  • The final piece of feedback was to make sure the 180′ rule is perfect and applied correctly in our film opening. Some shots need to be edited so the characters do not look like they are walking in different directions and standing in different positions than they were before.

After this feedback was received, I then asked our teacher if anything else needed to be done after these improvements were made. He then said that the film would be finished after these were applied so, we are looking to finish the film opening by the end of this week.