Finished Artefact

After a few more alterations to our film opening, this is the final product we achieved. The film opening stars Blake Kenneally-Forrester and it is called ‘The Requited’:


Costume and Actor

In our script, we had the role fit for a teenager; we got our friend, Blake, to star as the protagonist.
The script also states that his costume is “quite dirty and dark” so, we put together a costume using his own wardrobe – this was affordable and convenient for us all. 

The outfit is completely black and it consists of: a black jacket, black hoodie, black beanie, black trousers and black shoes. The reason why we didm’t want such a complex and colourful outfit was because, it would draw the attention away from the scene. In terms of miss-en-scene, we thought that black would be a good colour as it has connotations to death – something which has quite obviously happened in the opening.



A Filming Update

After looking back on the footage we filmed, we were not very pleased with it. Because of this, we have decided to re film this weekend.

The person who was acting in the footage we just filmed was my Dad but due work, he cannot re film this weekend. Therefore, we have changed the actor to a friend of ours – a teenage boy. We obviously do not want the character in our current story (a middle aged man) to be played by a young boy; it would just look very unrealistic and unprofessional. To deal with this matter, we have decided to change the storyline and plot to fit the requirements of a teenage boy.

In terms of the genre and the actual mood we want to convey throughout our film, that hasn’t changed. We still want to create an opening to a thriller film; hopefully fulfilling all of the requirements a thriller film has.

Instead of editing footage we are not particularly pleased with, we have decided to re film this weekend. This time though, using a different actor with a storyline which has been altered slightly to fit the actor in our film opening.

Equipment Testing : Steadicam

Another piece of equipment me and Adam wanted to try out was the steadicam. A steadicam is much like a dolly – it allows a smooth movement, even over irregular surfaces. Unlike the dolly, the steadicam does not have a track to it which means that it is held by a cameraman who moves it. It could be used to move around a room or to simply follow a character.

We tested the steadicam out to see its effectiveness as well as seeing if it needed to be used in the production of the film opening.

Here is our footage:

The steadicam was quite difficult to use but, it did create a nice, smooth movement when using it. However, in terms of it fitting our opening is a different matter. Personally, I feel like the steadicam would look better in an action film opening to make the audience feel like they are immersed in the action themselves. We want to create an eerie atmosphere with more “still” shots. However, we may consider using the dolly.

Script Version 1.2

Taking into account the feedback from the first version of our script, we have designed and formulated a newer version.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 14.59.11.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 14.59.24.png

From the feedback, it seems that this script is an adequate final script. The only thing that our teacher was concerned about was the part where the protagonist digs into the ground with his bare hands. To overcome this, I have decided that he will dig with the knife so i will make a final change to that so, our script can be fully completed.

Script Version 1

A main part of the task is to write a script for the opening. This is vital; the script is helpful for the directors as well as the actors. We just completed the first attempt of our script which then, got some feedback from our teacher.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 09.28.59.png

Above is the finished first version of the script. In terms of feedback it was okay. The tone and style of the script all together is good – our teacher said that he can picture it in his head. However, in terms of content, it isn’t quite enough. Therefore, more dialogue or even more actions can help improve this aspect of the script.

The next version will be very similar to this current version, it will just contain more content to fill up the full two minutes.