The Second Ident

After making the first ident, my partner set to work on the more complex and technical ident. For the first ident we just used Motion. For this one, we wanted to have a continuous animation as opposed to the first ident which just had the short glow effect of the tree. However, we did want a short effect at the end of the ident to make it look even more professional.

  1. The first thing Adam did was to get the footage of the waves crashing. The name we had in mind was ‘Tsunami Productions’ so, we wanted to have something which represented this.
  2. The next thing he did was to add the text (this was the “productions”) and he added a basic blur in effect to add some animation to the ident.
  3. The third thing my partner did was that we added another layer of text. This was underlaid over the video footage of the waves.
  4. Adam then added an image mask of the waves and then dragged the ‘Tsunami’ titles over the image mask. It created like a window effect since the waves were seeping through the text.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.35.45.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.35.54.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.35.32.png

Here is the final product:


The First Ident

After completing research on idents and logos used in film openings, we began to use programmes like Pixelmator and Motion to create an ideal ident. We decided that we wanted to have two idents: one which is simple but still shows skills and the other one shall be more complex than the first. Using two idents show the range of skills we have in the “graphic” side of the project.

To get the outline of the drawing we wanted to use, my partner (Adam Zayee) started off with Pixelmator. He was provided with a graphic tablet to trace over a drawing of the tree. This was a lot easier than using a mouse as it created harsh lines and didn’t make the drawing look smooth. The programme was quite easy to navigate but, it did take quite a while to get the tree how we wanted it to look. After Adam had completed that, he exported the drawing to Motion.


The drawing of the tree in Pixelmator.

After Adam exported the picture to Motion he began to work on the actual animation. The process wasn’t too difficult as it was a lot like Final Cut Pro. We chose the title ‘Great Oak Pictures’ as it fitted well with the picture; it was also a memorable name. We played around with the effects and the different options Motion provided. We chose an effect which gave the tree a glow and then the glow would die down. We thought this looked simple but nice at the same time.

Ident 1 pic 2.png

In the sequence after the tree glowed, the name of the film company would come up. This was what we wanted our final product to look like. This is our finished (first) ident.


Film Studios and the Logos

Since we need to create a logo for our own film studios, I decided to do some research about what makes a good film studio logo. Film studios are what distribute the film and because of this, these studio logos are what we see at the start of the film opening. We need to make our own logo so, we have done some research into what memorable studio logos look like and why they are memorable.

We found that the iconic film logos started off as very simple designs and as technology progressed, they became a lot more modern and animated. The first versions of the film logos were literally just words with no drawing added to them whatsoever. However, we wanted to add some sort of animation to ours as it would show more skill involved in the process of creating the idents.


A lot of the film logos have this “natural” feel to them. For example: Universal Pictures have the Earth in the logo, Paramount have the iconic mountain in the centre of the logo and finally, Warner Bros have the sky has the background. We would also like to incorporate this into our idents and add a “natural” theme to them.

The first ident we were going to make would be quite simple but still show skill and also have the animation. The animation we were drawn to was the “flare” seen on the (classic) Walt Disney logo:


The flare and the ident itself is simple which is what we have taken inspiration from for our first ident. The second and final ident in the opening sequence is going to feature a more complex animation. We like the idea of featuring a “earthy” and “natural” aspect on the ident so, yet again, we have some inspiration behind our choice. Like I said before, many of the company logos have some sort of natural aspect to them. The ident we liked the most was the MGM Studios logo. The text was still but there is an iconic animation/video which goes along with it; this casts the audience eyes to the animation which is in the centre of the writing. This means that the writing will also have the audience’s attention drawn to it.

This research into what popular and famous idents have in common has really inspired us and given us ideas for our own idents for our film opening.