My Opinion on YouTubers.

I remember when I was ten years old and I would watch YouTube videos of makeup tutorials, hauls, blogs etc etc. When I was ten, I even considered starting up a YouTube channel, just for a hobby though…but, in today’s society, can YouTube be considered as a hobby anymore?

When I was younger, I watched people like: Zoella, Pewdiepie, Bethany Mota and many more. These people had around one million subscribers at the time and all did the channel as a hobby; with a job usually on the side. For some reason, I felt like I related to these people. I never thought as them as “celebrities” or “inspirations” but, just ordinary people like you and me. Everybody can start earning money from the minute they set up a YouTube account: companies can contact them, adverts before videos can also give the YouTubers money. These YouTubers I watched did sponsored videos occasionally and I knew full well that they received money from them but, I never really knew how much they could really get and how much a YouTuber could earn.

In the past few years, these YouTubers have grown and grown; their audiences have rapidly increased and the amount in their bank accounts have also increased. This is because, many of these YouTubers have become part of the celebrity culture and the idea of YouTube being a “hobby” for them has slowly disappeared. Bethany Mota appeared on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, Zoella has written two books and come out with a beauty range, KSI (another YouTuber) has released music with grime stars featured in them. It is fair to say that their YouTube channels have allowed them to have all these opportunities which, in a way, I have no problem with.

Don’t you think this “hobby” is getting out of control though? At the end of 2014, Pewdiepie made around around $7.5 million. Makeup artists have also made millions from their new products which they have created and produced for the whole world. Because of this, the younger generations actually aspire to be a vlogger or a YouTuber. When asked what they want to be when they are older, they have answered with vlogger, YouTuber etc etc.

I think we need to show kids that if you become a YouTuber, you are not going to be making millions straight away.